C++ :- Structure of a program

A Standard C++ Program follows the below structure

1. Documentation
2.Preprocessor Statements
3.Global Declarations
4.The main() function
          a.Local Declarations
          b.Program Statements & Expressions
5.User Defined Functions

Syntax :-

#include<Header File Name>

return_type main()
    statement ---1;
    statement ---2;
    statement ---n;

Points to remember :-

Here are some points where we need to remember while developing a C++ program
1. This is advisable that C++ program must be written by using lowercase letters to avoid error at run time because C++ is a case sensitive language.
2. Each statement must be terminated by using ;(semi-colon).
3. Group of statements must be enclosed between { and }.

I/O Operators :-

1. cin :-

The purpose of cin object is to take the input from the user.

Syntax :-

cin >> variableName;

Example :-

cin >> age;
cin >> salary;

2. cout :-

The purpose of cout object is to dsisplay the information on the standard output device.

Syntax :-

cout << variableName;

Example :-

cout << age;
cout << salary;

Note :-

To perform the IO operations in a c++ program, User must include the associated header file named "iostream" and a namespace named "std" as below
using namespace std;

Cascading of I/O Operators :-

Multiple use of I/O operators in a single line is called cascading of I/O operators.

Syntax :-

cout << Item1 << Item2;
cin >> Item1 >> Item2;

Example :-

cout << "salary = " << salary;
cin >> age >> salary;

Note :-

The operator used for taking the input is known as the extraction or get from operator (>>), while the operator used for displaying the output is known as the insertion or put to operator (<<).

P1 : Write a program to accept the qty and unit price of a product from the user and display their amount.

using namespace std;
int main()
	int qty;
	float uprice,amt;
	cout<< "Enter the qty=";
	cin >> qty;
	cout<<"Enter the Unit Price=";

	amt = uprice*qty;

	cout<< "amount = "<<amt; return 1;

P2 : Write a program to accept the principal amount, Rate of interest and Time from the user and display Simple Interest.

using namespace std;
int main()
	float pa,rate,time,si;

	cout<< "Enter the Principal Amount=";
	cin >> pa;
	cout<<"Enter the Rate and Time=";

	si = (pa*rate*time)/100;

	cout<< "SI = "<<si; return 1;


Q1 : What cout and cin are?

Ans :- cout is object of type ostream. cin is object of type istream

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